Workplace Equipment / Adaptation Grant (WEAG)

Grant assistance is available for employers, employees and self-employed disabled people who need to adapt the workplace or purchase specialised equipment for staff with disabilities.

As an employer you may be able to get a grant towards the costs of adapting premises or equipment for an employee with a disability.

Funding can be provided for the following:

  • Minor building modifications such as ramps or modified toilets;
  • Alarm systems with flashing lights;
  • Equipment adaptation such as voice synthesizers for computers or amplifiers for telephones.

A maximum grant of €6,350 is available towards the cost of adaptations. This grant can also be used to upgrade adapted equipment.

How to Apply

You can apply for this grant if:

  • Your company is in the private sector and adaptations are required to equipment or premises for an employee to undertake duties required;
  • Your company is in the private sector and an employee has acquired a disability whilst in employment, or has a condition that has deteriorated, and require adaptations to equipment or premises in order to continue with employment. 

There are two forms in the application process. 

  • Part 1 - Employer & Employee Details
  • Part 2 - Adaptation Details

If the total amount claimed, excluding VAT:

  • is under €700, one quotation should be submitted with the application.
  • is over €700 and under €1,500, two quotations should be submitted.
  • is over €1,500, three quotations should be submitted.

In the case of workplace adaptations, plans should accompany the proposals and a timescale for completing the work should be indicated.

Click here for Regional contact details for the Workplace Equipment / Adaptation Grant.

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