Integration into the Workplace

The nature of the relationship between new employees with disabilities and their managers, supervisors and work colleagues will influence the extent to which integration is achieved. A relaxed, supportive management style will encourage ongoing dialogue and closer relationships. In comparison, a highly structured and directive management style will provide a more formal, less personal environment which may suit people who feel less comfortable with intensive dialogue about their disability. There are a variety of management styles.

People with disabilities must be able to work with that variety. Appropriate awareness training should give managers insights into how to deal with individuals who are more sensitive about disclosing or discussing the impact of their disability.

Equally, the relationships formed with work colleagues are critical. Developing collaborative approaches during induction will assist in ensuring the cooperation of the workers on an ongoing basis. As the impact of the disability or work practices themselves may change over time, it is important to be in a position to respond and to be able to rely on the support and cooperation of work colleagues in developing solutions to barriers which may emerge.

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