Examples of Reasonable Accommodation

  • Adjusting or modifying tests and training materials.

  • Accepting that there may be alternative ways of accomplishing a given task or objective which were not taken into account during the preparation of the job description or selection criteria.

  • Providing company information in appropriate formats and assisting in communication, where necessary e.g. staff manuals, health and safety notices, etc.
  • A talking lift with tactile floor buttons.
  • Adjustable-height desks.
  • Hands-free telephone sets.
  • Later start and finish times.
  • Organising the distribution of work tasks in a team so that staff members who are hard of hearing are not expected to take minutes. (HSA)

More Information

  1. See information on Assistive Technology.
  2. You can find employer guides with specific reference to Reasonable Accommodation on our Useful Links page.

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