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Case Studies - Employers

Ger Collins, Talent Acquisition Manager, Dell 

Ger Collins, Talent Acquisition Manager talks about the focus on diversity and inclusion at Dell Technologies, Ireland and the work of True Ability, an employee resource group (ERG) at the company. 

FHM Accountants & FHM Business Coaching

Dave Howick F.C.C.A. Managing Director, FHM Accountants & FHM Business Coaching discusses his company’s experience of employing people with disabilities and the positive experience it has had on their business.

RSL Ireland

Gerry McDonagh, Managing Director of RSL Ireland - an SME of over 50 employees nationwide - has hired a number of people with various disabilities. He says

It was never a conscious decision to begin with. They were the right fit for the position, hired on merit and it has proved really beneficial for our work. They are a great asset to our team and do everything asked of them to the highest standards.

The employees have a mixture of disabilities, and work at various levels within the company. Reasonable accommodation and adjustments have been no barrier and they are all thriving in the work and producing great results. Even with the usual Covid barriers, there has been no issues.

We listen to the person and what they need to perform well, and act on it. It has worked out so well for us, particularly in an industry which may be new to diversity.

I am delighted as an employer to have found more great employees. Our existing staff are so pleased to have excellent colleagues, who they can rely on and work so well with. It has really made a difference to our work culture in a very positive way.

I would highly recommend any employer, especially an SME, to be proactive in hiring employees from different backgrounds and abilities. It makes for a better workplace and great results.

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