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Anytime Learning 

 Employers for Change: Anytime Learning Series 

Employers for Change host Strategies to support Mental Health & Wellbeing in the workplace

Featuring Finola Colgan, Development Officer with Mental Health Ireland, who provides practical guidance on self-care strategies for mental wellbeing. She also shares tips on how managers can support employees or colleagues who are experiencing mental health difficulties.


Employers for Change host Supporting Neurodiverse Employees seminar with Specialisterne and Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland

The seminar featured Peter Brabazon, CEO, Specialisterne Ireland and Sharon Lane, CEO, Dyspraxia Ireland, speaking about how employers can support potential and existing neurodiverse employees.


Employers for Change and Irish Stammering Association host Stammering Awareness Seminar

Employers for Change and the Irish Stammering Association hosted a training session to build awareness on stammering and how you can support employees and colleagues at work. Slides for this training can be downloaded by clicking here


Employers for Change and Open Doors Launch Inclusive Recruitment Toolkit

Launch of Inclusive Recruitment Toolkit by  Employers for Change and the Open Doors Initiative, supported and hosted by AIB, with research in partnership with Atlantic Technological University Sligo. 



Inclusive and Accessible Communications Toolkit and Seminar

Employers for Change hosted an Inclusive and Accessible Communications Seminar to coincide with the launch of an Inclusive and Accessible Communications Toolkit. 


Launch of the Reasonable Accommodation Passport

Employers for Change in partnership with IBEC and ICTU launched the Reasonable Accommodation Passport scheme on Monday the 20th of June 2022


Supporting Neurodiverse Talent at Work

Employers for Change was delighted to host a seminar “Supporting Neurodiverse Talent at Work”. We welcomed James Moroney from AsIAm to discuss how employers can support their employees who are neurodiverse.


Creating Disability Confident & Inclusive Workplaces

Employers for Change host a seminar on 'Creating Disability Confident and Inclusive Workplaces' with Eoin O' Herlihy, MD & Senior Accessibility Consultant, O'Herlihy Access Consultancy.


Launch of ‘The Future of Work and Disability - A Remote Opportunity’ research paper

The Open Doors Initiative and Employers for Change partnered with Positive2Work Skillnet on commissioning research to examine the impact of remote working during Covid19 on people with disabilities. The research lays out a number of leverage points that are based on the principles of connecting, learning and accommodating. The Open Doors Initiative and Employers for Change will take these learnings and engage with employers to ensure that we are addressing the needs of employers and employees with disabilities.


Accessible & Inclusive Web Design: Key Concepts

Employers for Change host this seminar titled 'Accessible & Inclusive Web Design: Key Concepts' with Vivienne Trulock-Hardy, Director, Interface Designer & Accessibility Consultant at Ilikecake Ltd.  


Accessible Documentation & Assistive Technology

Employers for Change seminar on 'Accessible Documentation & Assistive Technology' facilitated by Brendan McGuigan, Adult Dyslexia Coordinator and AT Specialist, Dyslexia Association of Ireland (DAT).


Mental Health Awareness: Understanding and Supporting Employees 

Christabelle Feeney, Director of Employers for Change hosts this seminar titled 'Mental Health Awareness at Work: Understanding and Supporting Employees,' facilitated by Anne Marie McDonnell, Service Development Manager, Rehab Group and Angela Stewart, Project Officer, Rehab Group.


Inclusive Recruitment: Disability Awareness Training

Employers for Change hosting a seminar on Inclusive Recruitment, with Managing Director, Ability Focus, Stephen Kelly. In this session, Stephen gives tips on how employers can build a recruitment process that is inclusive of people with disabilities.


Global Accessibility Awareness Day Seminar

Christabelle Feeney, Director, Employers for Change talks to Dr. Ger Craddock, inaugural Chief Officer, Centre for Excellence in Universal Design, and Kyran O’Mahoney, Chief Technology Officer, NCBI.


Understanding Disability: Awareness Training 

Training session on disability awareness, facilitated by Adam Harris, CEO, AsIam and hosted by Employers for Change. 


Employers for Change Launch - March 2021

Employers for Change launch event which took place on 11th March 2021. The event featured Sinéad Burke, CEO, Tilting the Lens, an Taoiseach Micheál Martin TD, Francesca McDonagh, CEO, Bank of Ireland Síne Breslin, Management Associate, Bank of Ireland and Christabelle Feeney, Director of Employers for Change.  Video contributions: Cora Breen, Trainee Accountant, FHM Accountants and Dave Howick, Partner, FHM Accountants and Business Coaching.


 Additional Supports Explained 


Learn about the Willing Able Mentoring (WAM) placement programme

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